Here are some satisfied clients!

“I’ve had three of my titles formatted by Rebecca, and all three times I was quite impressed with her level of attention to detail, not to mention her drive to present a final product as perfect as possible.” – Keith C. Blackmore

White Sands Red Steel Mountain Man 

“My experience with IndieMobi Formatting was superb. I was frustrated trying to format the kindle and paper versions of my novel. I could not take any more time away from my writing to figure it out. I contacted Rebecca at IndieMobi and she formatted both a CreateSpace and Kindle version with great speed. She made great choices with the font and chapter headings. More importantly, when I found errors (mine) in the formatted version while reviewing, Rebecca graciously and instantly offered to fix them. Her entire focus was to make my experience hassle free and I could not have been happier with the results. This is a professional job for a very reasonable price. I highly recommend IndieMobi. I will never try to do this myself again when such a great service is available.” – D.A. Serra


“I was blown away by the speed and quality of service from IndieMobi’s ebook formatting service! I found out on a Wednesday that I would be featured on the front page of the iBookstore the following Tuesday. The problem was, I only had one of my eleven titles up for sale! Luckily, someone from IndieMobi reached out to me. I tossed them all of my manuscripts and cover art, and back came neatly formatted epubs, docs, and mobi files. I couldn’t believe it. By the time the feature took place the next week, all of my books were available. IndieMobi didn’t just do a spectacular job, they saved me.” – Hugh Howey

Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue Molly Fyde and the Land of Light Molly Fyde and the Blood of Billions Molly Fyde and the Fight For Peace Half Way Home I, Zombie The Hurricane The Plagiarist First shift Legacy

“I can vouch for Rebecca’s service – lightning fast turnaround, and when I had some minor design issues (changing chapter headings, moving a couple things), she was just as fast. And super friendly, very responsive through the whole transaction. It was so worth the reasonable price she charges to save me the time and angst. She is now on my permanent list of people who make my life easier.” – Cate Dean
“Rebecca and IndiMobi’s ebook formatting service went above and beyond what I was expecting. For someone who is lacking in computer skills it was a very frustrating experience to have worked so long and hard on writing a book, and not being able to “finish the job” because I was clueless about formatting it. I only wish I had discovered Rebecca before spending a considerable amount of money on all the ‘Do it yourself’ formatting books that are now out there. Her quality, price, speed and great communication are unmatched. I wouldn’t think of ever using anyone else. If you find yourself thinking this is too good to be true, let me assure you, she really is the best. Thanks Rebecca.” – Robert Hill
“Some years ago, a friend in advertising told me that you can never have fast, good and cheap all together- you can only have two of them at one time when it comes to any business. Rebecca bucks that `rule’ big time. Her turnaround timings are lightning fast, she has great attention to detail (I loved the touches she put on chapter headings for my paperback version) and with her affordable rates, she has to be the best value I have seen for a writer’s formatting needs. I’ve worked with Rebecca on my novel Chronicler of the Undead, and I will definitely be back for more.”– Mainak Dhar

Chronicler of the Undead

“It takes a lot to self publish a book and by the end of the process I was worn out with it all. I decided to get IndieMobi to format my novel instead of doing it myself and I don’t regret it. The moment my book came back all beautifully formatted, it suddenly became ‘real’. The service was quick and efficient and when I found some mistakes and asked if they could be fixed, they were. Almost instantly – like magic! Super service, highly recommended.”– Pen Clements, author of ‘Oceanheart’


“Rebecca was a consummate professional. Not only did she respond quickly to all of my emails, she formatted all of my documents beautifully. Seeing the print version for the first time doubled my excitement for self-publishing. I would highly recommend her services to anyone and will use her services myself in the future.”– Tricia O’Malley, author of ‘The Stolen Dog’

The Stolen Dog

“I struggled with my Createspace formatting and decided it was time to seek out a professional. I wanted a 5.25 x 8 formatting and I just couldn’t manage that myself. I was delighted with Rebecca’s work. My book looks so much better than when I formatted it myself, and I’m confident she has done it correctly. She has been responsive to my every query and problem. I couldn’t ask for better service. Thank you, Rebecca!”– Phyllis Hall Haislip, author of ‘The Viscount’s Daughter’
“As a London UK based author and publisher with a reasonable back catalogue to convert to eBook format, I’d initially sought out the services of locally based company’s however the quoted timescales were lengthy and the pricing uncompetitive. I came across Rebecca and Indiemobi whilst combing the internet and was impressed with the honesty of her website and the way she promoted her business. Indiemobi have now formatted fifteen (15) of my titles which range from 30k word novellas to 170k word volumes. Turnaround time is lightning quick, pricing the best out there and best of all any errors (Smashwords can be a pain) are remedied efficiently and without drama.”– Mark Worrall (gate17)
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